Strategy Session

In this strategy session, you will get a 60-minute coaching call, and private access to me via WhatsApp, and a bonus worksheet to help you gain more clarity to cultivate your own powerful personal brand.

1:1 Coaching

You get two weeks of personalized intensive training with one-month mentorship.

Group Coaching

Join the ‘Impact Troopers’ for two weeks intensive training where together, we will take actionable steps every single day to get you stand out and make money doing what you love plus a lifetime community support

Vivienne Etueke

Founder, Vibliss Fashion

Actually you really change my life, your selfless love, care and support, to make sure I become financially free, you helped me in building my self-esteem, my confidence on how to relate with customers. Your personal branding has helped me gain social media visibility. You're just too much 😘 🥰


Founder, Bumbergs

Your teaching style was good and quite interesting you are time conscious. Hit the ground running. Explain in ways that are easy to assimilate mostly practical using the Android phone/device. ⁣ ⁣ And at the end of each class you gave me assignments to enable me practise what I learnt for the day. To see if indeed I understood what I learnt.⁣ ⁣ Also the use of Hashtags(#). How to do create content using different content creation tools and how to Upload the content to Instagram.⁣

Obichukwu Nwabueze

Founder, Bon shirt (the classic man)

I recommend Abigail Archibong for her professionalism. Her status as a single mom doesn't define her content. I say this confidently because I co-own a business and my aspirations are bigger. If you don't see the changes in your life after meeting Abigail then you have chosen to remain stagnant.

Rebecca Oshaba

Founder. Ariels Empire

Having Abigail coach me on how to get my brand noticed on social media is one decision I will never regret, I was struggling with how to compose contents but you came and gave me answers to all my problems and taught me how to go about pricing for my products and since then my business has been doing a lot better cos I know exactly what I need to post and how to put prices so I don't keep running on losses.

Jessica Sakaba

Founder, Bomko Kids Clothing

I encountered AbbKonsult in 2008, when I was trying to position my business for scale, I got a lot of business tips and advice that helped our business grow. The CEO, Abigail made sure I got value for my time and money. Her marketing knowledge is amazing and crucial especially if you are making a decision to increase sales. Building a business in Nigeria is tough and for you to be on top of the game you need to have not just a good brand but a great one. At AbbKonsult they go the extra mile to ensure your business succeeds but only with your cooperation.