What is Personal Branding?

How do you promote yourself? What do you say to people about yourself? How do people see you? What comes to the mind of people at the sight of you or the hearing of your name?

This is the whole essence of personal branding. It is the concept of showing the world what you have to offer. A reputation is built based on the content dished out daily that involves your personality, skills, and experiences.

There are 3 important things that help you develop a personal brand and they are;


How do you want to be identified?
What value are you bringing to the table?

Personal Branding requires that one must be sure of their skills. Basically, it is the business of monetizing your skill. You can have ideas yet don’t know how to harness your idea or start. Gaining clarity will save you the stress of niche identification.

In getting Clarity, these questions will help you; make sure you answer them.

🕸What do you want to do?
🕸Why do you want to do it?
🕸Who do you want to do it for?
🕸How do you want to do it?

How do you want to convey your message to the world? What are the moods or tones to be applied when conveying your messages?

You have to decide who your audiences are and write to their understanding. People are in need of a solution to their problems and if you can identify their problems and speak the language they understand and also provide a solution, then you are being articulate enough.

Being consistent makes the difference. When you try and fail you have to try again.

Giving up means that you were never ready. You don’t want to spook people and forget about them. If you begin with the attitude of seeing yourself as a voice of hope or that light at the end of the tunnel then quitting won’t be an option. Maintain and improve on what you’re doing. Get known for something and become an authority in whatever field or niche you have carved for yourself.

Reach out if you need more help.

I’m rooting for you!

Abigail Archibong.

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