What are your Intentions?

“Intentions are good but actions are better. Life will not reward your intentions but your actions”. Pastor Tunde Ayeni

No matter how good your intentions are if you don’t take action, you are as good as doing nothing.

You intend to brand yourself ‘yet’ you haven’t. To you it is still an intention, you are still planning. You can only be taken seriously when you have acted upon that intention.

If you have been following me for some time now you may have noticed that I’m all about you ‘starting something’ no matter how little.

I lay emphasis on ‘just start’ because:

  • In starting, you have made an effort to move from one level to another.
  • Your growth plan is activated.
  • You will silence 🤫 the doubt within
  • Most importantly your actions start yielding positive results.
  • You learn, unlearn and relearn newer and better ways to make it work.

Remember, Life will not reward you for just having ‘intentions’ but for your actions

  • Go learn that new course! Start that business!
  • Buy that new car! Open the new shop!
  • Move to that new place!
  • Go back to school!
  • Fall in love again!
  • Start working out and loose those weight!

Just ‘start’ something no matter how small and the Universe will align with your actions to make it work.

I’m rooting for you.

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