Personal branding course

  • September 24, 2020

Personal Branding is an experience that shows your existence, it shows ‘you’ to the world, helps you to gain the trust of your clients and this differentiates you from the competition.

Whether you are starting up a business or an employee, Personal branding is compulsory for everyone.

  • The course is suitable for graduates looking to build a career or elevate their profile to attract the right organization
  • Individuals looking to stand out from the crowd, be known for their expertise, and build a community of loyal clients ever ready to pay for their services. 
  • Corporate individuals looking to enhance their profile and secure better positions 
  • Small businesses who understand the importance of personal branding to attract and retain quality clients 
  • Stay-home-moms looking to build a personal brand around their skills, talent or expertise to attract better opportunities.
If that is you, then by all means join us!

The Outcome

At the end of the course you will:

  • Discover who you are, the strength you possess and how to use it to build a profitable personal brand 
  • Be equipped with actionable strategy that helps you attract the right audience, get them to listen to you, pay for your services and tell the world about you.
  • How to package your brand for higher pricing 
  • Formulate your own personal branding strategy that helps you promote and market yourself to your ideal audience online.
  • Gain the confidence to communicate your brand messaging with 100% clarity and authenticity, and stand out from  the competition.


This course comes with weekly action points, worksheets, audit sheets, action plans, weekly exercises, 60 days content calendar and a customized personal brand positioning manual to help you sustain the progress from the course.

Can you trust me?

Yes you can. When it comes to helping you build an authentic, powerful personal brand, I’m your girl.

Now, I’m studying Business Management (MBA) at Suffolk University. The principles i teach helped me start several businesses as a single mom and build a thriving business that enabled me mentor over 1000 women via the Ecowas 50 million Women Speak out project on digital marketing and how to start a Business on Social media-before i even started my MBA

Also as a Psychologist I understand how tough it is out there, as such I value your investment to the course, it will be my honor to guide you on how to show up as an expert in your niche and build a community of people that will pay you for the solutions you offer to them. if they can trust me, then you can.