Is self-promotion pride?

Fresh from NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) I had no job, no place to stay, with a one-year-old baby.

😢   I knew I was in a big mess. Who will listen to my sub-story? Who really cared about someone like me back then?  

Yes, someone like me, who thought she had it all, I thought I had it all figured out, I got married right after studies abroad and started a family, all was rosy until it wasn’t anymore (Trust me its a long story, I’ll come back to it another day)

So what did I do?

I knew instantly that crying, Praying, and running around different prayer meetings and endless mediation meetings will not put food on the table.

I decided to promote myself, I started a mobile massage business in the beautiful city of Abuja, I talked about it endlessly everywhere and anywhere, I made anyone I come in contact with to know what I do and tell them how good I am.

So, is Self-Promotion PRIDE? 🤷‍♂️

Self-promotion is about educating the relevant people about the skills and value that you can bring to the table for them to make the best choice in terms of recruiting or choosing your service and knowing that you’re the best person for the job.  

Self-promotion is a process, looking at what you do every day, analyzing the skills you have, and using them to further yourself.

Some people find promoting themselves as a herculean task due to the misconception of bragging and of course some cultural and religious beliefs. Some would say “Let my work speak for me”, Not bad but your work has no voice of its own, by promoting what you do you bring attention to your work, you reveal your untapped potential and its the only way to ensure others know about your experience and talent. When in doubt about how to show the world how remarkable you are, remember that “Self-promotion has nothing to do with boasting, bragging or being pushy or pride. 

It is about recognizing your personal achievements and what makes you remarkable”.

Self-Promotion exercises that can help you.

Try this simple exercises for yourself:

  1. Write down what makes you remarkable and pin it somewhere in your personal space, be sure to read it aloud to yourself every time you see it.
  2. Write out your list of accomplishment (that is what makes you remarkable)
  3. Email these to 10 people that you’ve either worked with or come in contact with.
  4. Ask them: “Can you tell me when was the last time I did something that helped you? What was it? What are the three things you value about me?”.

Be sure to document all the responses and keep it as a reminder.


I’m rooting for you.
Abigail Archibong.

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