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Do you find the process of creating content stressful?

I plan my contents a month ahead most times but lately, due to my busy schedule, I find myself falling behind, and the process of creating content rea...

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What are your Intentions?

“Intentions are good but actions are better. Life will not reward your intentions but your actions”. Pastor Tunde Ayeni No matter how good...

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Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a big deal. Being successful as a mompreneur is majorly dependent on the balance applied. ⁣⁣If you’re a m...

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A Mom’s Life

Being a mom is a HARD job that I love to do. It is in fact one of the oldest Job known to man. There is nothing new in the job of being a men except t...

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What is Personal Branding?

How do you promote yourself? What do you say to people about yourself? How do people see you? What comes to the mind of people at the sight of you or ...

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How to Write a Business Plan

The bedrock of a successful startup or Business is its plan. It doesn’t matter if it is written on a hard paper, typed somewhere in your laptop, you...

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