A Mom’s Life

Being a mom is a HARD job that I love to do. It is in fact one of the oldest Job known to man. There is nothing new in the job of being a men except the fact that times have changed and many moms have refused to adapt to the current trends. It is not enough that one person caters for the family that is why moms all around the world are beginning to look for ways to become relevant. As a mother, any other role you assume is second to your primary role of being a mom.

We have already established the fact that the role of a mom is really tasking. Combining the role alongside other roles makes it a herculian job. What is the best way to manage ourselves that will bring out the productivity in us? How do we find the balance?

Check out these productivity tips for moms.

Time Management:
You need to know how to manage school pick-ups and drop offs, after school activities and ensure dinner’s on the table before the children get grouchy. Juggling a household and completing tasks to deadline at home is a real skill.

As a mother, you’re constantly mentoring, teaching and counselling your children. In addition to that, there are also the communication skills you hone through events and organizations you find yourself being part of when you’re a parent.

People management:
Managing a home and a preschooler or two at the same time can be harder than managing your colleagues. As a result, you’ve probably improved your negotiation skills, which are a learned art, especially when toddlers and teachers are involved.

Problem solving:
Every industry needs problem solvers. As a parent, you’ll come across problems you never knew existed. You’ll learn when to step in to help children problem solve and how to provide them with the tools to do it themselves. That’s the fundamentals of being a manger.

Organizational skills:
Many mums are super organizers. She may take charge of the family project like supervising the family renovation. Maybe you’ve planned, budgeted, and executed a school reunion or fundraising/sports event. Whatever it is you’ve done, document what you did and match the key skills against job advertisements.

Negotiation Skills:
All mothers have undoubtedly honed their convincing skills by offering care to little kids, who are known to be naughty, stubborn, and often unreasonable. As such, the next time you write a CV, be sure to include this skill. You sure can manage to reason with anyone just because you are a mother.

Creative Skills:
Creativity is yet one of the skills to list on resume as a mom. Some of the things that make you a creative person include the ability to think about and tell bedtime tales on the spot, come up with innovative games for the afternoon or car trip, and so forth.

Monetize your skills:

Almost every mom I know has a skill that they are not putting to good use. We can excuse some moms for that due to the tasking job of keeping the home but if you ever want to be productive and add more value to your life and home then your skill must be used.

Can you bake? Are you a great cook? Can you organise events? Why not start doing it? You can start making money with your skills from the comfort of your home. I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog from the comfort of your home.
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Be sure to drop a comment for me so I know that you read it. Also, remember that to monetize your skill and to be more productive you need all the time in the world.

You will never have time on your side should you want to combine the home job while trying to be a mompreneur. Having paid assistants (like a nanny) reduces the workload or gives you the freedom to explore and grow your skills.

Remember, it’s entirely up to you to monetize your skills or not. There is no pressure.you are doing great as a homemaker and that is also enough.

I’m rooting for you!

Abigail Archibong.

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