Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a big deal. Being successful as a mompreneur is majorly dependent on the balance applied.

⁣⁣If you’re a mom and you think that your natural multi-tasking skill alone will bring you success then you have to reconsider your strategy.

⁣⁣Here are a few habits of successful mompreneurs that can help you.⁣


Ese Umoh runs @mummynextdoor a platform that helps
Nigerians transition to Canada with career and settlement tips.

She has these to say:

1. Continuing Education: One of my main goals in life is to never stop learning. Nothing is too much or too little to learn, it’ll eventually be useful to you. Stay learning

2. Network, you are only as good as your network of people. One habit I have built is to understudy and learn from people as I network. You admire something about someone, get closer, study and adapt it to suit your personality.

3. Never give up. In business you must persevere. Do not allow a bad day turn into a bad week. You make a mistake, learn from it, dust yourself up and try a new method the next day. Do not give up, find another way to do it.

4. Be yourself. In business and even in life generally, you will struggle if you continually look at people as your competition. Be yourself, improve on yourself. Your clients come to you because you are you. Do not lose you, chasing another persons success.

5. Always give value. Make a point of always providing value every single time you show up.



Tolu Michael. Personal Brand Strategist, she runs a company
@tolumichaels that helps entrepreneurs position themselves as
go-to-experts so they can serve better clients and sell premium packages.⁣

She has these to say:

I give my best energy to my biggest opportunity as opposed to giving it to my biggest problem and this strategy has worked for me.

The result of it that I’ve found is that it works for me in the long term. The pleasure or benefit from doing it for me is not as much as the joy I get from knowing that I have made progress in something or an advancement towards an important goal.

When you are happy and excited about the opportunity that you have paid attention to, you use the same energy as field to tackle other things.



Agatha Ike-Odeyemi Radio presenter at 99.9 Kiss Fm Abujavoice over artist, compere/red carpet host. @aggyike


she has these to say:

Having a great support system!
Striking a balance between work and family.

Amazing skills at time management.

Staying ambitious: remembering that your dreams and ambitions are valid.

Read, read, read! Read motivational books.

And Surround yourself with like minds: having fellow momprenuers around you keeps your mind at bay and motivated.



Ajibike Oluwatimilehin a local content Manager for ECOWAS 50MILLION
Speak out project @ajibikeoluwatimilehin⁣

She has these to say:

Prayers- Without God, nothing is doable

Integrity- in all areas of living

Reading- Learn, unlearn and relearn always. Always write down ideas, thoughts and innovations that come to your mind.

Recognizing opportunities when they come as dirty garments.

Consistency- Do what you do well, consistently.



Jane A. @fabmumng a platform that gives powerful resources
to help moms navigate and savour the joys of motherhood.

She has these to say:

They understand that they have to outsource their weaknesses and focus on their strengths.

They build their business around their passion, interest and strength, not because it appears very lucrative

They carry their family along in their business, the spouse for support and children to teach them responsibility.

She understands that there’s more to running a business than just running it on social media, which means you have to treat it as a business and not a side hustle

She is social media savvy, she is aware of apps that can make life and business easy for her. she takes advantage of scheduling apps if her business is on social media, she is discipline and has her USP (unique selling point) sorted out. most importantly, she has role models, people she looks up to for counsel and inspiration and she believes in the God factor.


So, which of these habits are you practicing?


I’m rooting for you.

Abigail Archibong

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